Here's a breakdown of how your information is used and/or collected by Clear Note Widget (bottom line: we try to be pretty good about these kind of things).

Information We Collect

Clear Note Widget stores note content that is created by the user (you!), along with some meta data (created date, preferences, hashed encryption keys if you're using the encrypt feature). This information is only stored locally on your device, and never transmitted to an outside source.

Information You Share

This includes note content (titles and body text). Clear Note Widget does provide a Share Note feature that prepopulates your email or text messaging clients with the title and text.

Information Security

By default, notes (both sticky and non-sticky) are stored in plain text. Creating non-sticky notes allows you to encrypt the content of the note (but not the title) with a one-way hash generated by a password that you specify. Your password is not stored - only the hash.